I am proud to announce that Cort Gion and myself, Bryan Bates have launched a collaborative new label:                                                                   GION BATES SURFBOARDS

These boards are the absolute finest you can buy and represent over 50 combined years of experience creating the most beautiful and functional elements of surfboard design. We are currently producing longboards which have drawn inspiration from the best aspects of boards built in the late 60’s era.  Hansen 50/50, Rick UFO, Peck Penetrator Nuuheiwa Noserider and many other familiar classics have design properties that we integrate into our surfboards.  Consistent throughout these boards will be radical stringer and high density colored foam configurations, outrageous tail blocks, immaculate glassing and resin work and our unique fin designs with wood inlays in fiberglass.  These are not showpiece wall hangers even though you’ll want to display it, but boards made to ride with flow and grace remenicent of the great stylists of that period.  We are currently taking orders and at the moment have 2 models.



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